Trojan Combat Suit Animated GIF

This is another animation I made in GIF format (animated GIF).  It’s Troy Hurtubise showing off his Trojan Combat Suit, complete with a compass and a clock in the cod piece.

Feel free to use this image if you link back to me and give me credit.


Troy Hurtubise (pronounced Butthurt) is world renowned for his Ursus Series of bear suits which won the Ig Nobel Prize. After a failed attempt to sell the Trojan Combat Suit on eBay for $35,000, he was awarded a limited-production contract by the Department of Defense for $10 billion.

I spent a surprising amount of time (okay, not a whole lot, but more than you would expect) creating this GIF, trying to get the timing right. Where he appears to open the cod piece in the animation, it’s actually taken from footage of him closing the magic cod piece in reverse.

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