Truck bed removal made easy

Taking the bed off an 89-95 Toyota Pickup (Toyota Hilux/Volkswagen Taro ) couldn’t be easier- no wait, yes it can, and I’ll explain below.

To remove the bed, you simply unbolt the 19 mm fasteners (6 of them) that hold the bed. The bed is light enough that two people can easily lift it off. If you only need to push the bed back about a foot to work on the cab (as I had to do), one person can easily push the bed back by scooting it a little bit on each side.

The problem is the wires to the brake lights. You have to disconnect them or cut them in order to move the bed more than an inch or so.  I figured I would be be taking my bed off again in the future, so to make bed removal even easier next time, I cut the wires one at a time and inserted them into a quick connector. I soldered the metal fittings to the end of the wires because that’s how I roll, and to make sure water doesn’t get trapped in the fittings, I filled them with non-corrosive silicon.

Wire Connector
Wire Connector


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