Atlantis Crystal Necklace Papercraft

The kids and I were watching the Disney movie, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and they really wanted a crystal necklace like in the movie.  Since the movie was 9 years old, I figured the chance of there being a crystal-necklace toy was slim, so I whipped out Adobe Illustrator and made a quick paper model (papercraft) of the crystal necklace.

Atlantis Crystal Necklace Papaercraft
Atlantis Crystal Necklace Papercraft

I wanted it to have the cartoon look, with solid lines on all the edges, so this model does not follow the dashed-line conventions used by most paper models. Since there are only three parts to the model though, it’s pretty easy to figure out how it works. You can download a PDF of the Atlantis crystal necklace below.

Download the Atlantis Crystal Necklace Papercraft

There are four models on one page: two regular crystals, and two glowing crystals. The paper size used in the PDF is a mutant size that will fit on letter-sized or A4.

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  1. there was a light-up toy in a McDonald’s happy meal of this, and your model is VERY close to what it looks like. good job!

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, I saw there was a guy making “real” ones too, that light up with an LED. But it looks like he stopped making them. Anyway, I bought some crystals and LEDs too, but I haven’t found a nice way to case the batteries yet.

  2. I had one of those toys for several years as a kid, until we moved and the backpack with all my most prized possessions in it was either lost or sold at a relative’s yard sale. TT_____TT

    Those McDonald’s ones lit up all the wrong color, anyway. (green, I think.)

  3. Privet! It does not show on my laptop when I click the link! :< Is there any way that you can save the paper craft on a JPEG file? Or PNG?

  4. Thank you so much.. thanks to this template i used this as a mold and made actual and real glow in the dark Atlatins necklaces with this, i wish i could show you 😀

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